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Nag's Head Inn, Houndsditch Nigeria Road School (L.B. of Greenwich)
Nag's Head Tavern (City of London EC3) Nightingale House Open Air Tuberculosis School (L.B. of Southwark)
Nando's Coffee House (City of London EC4) Nightingale Lane (L.B. of Wandsworth SW12, SW4)
Nansen Infant School for partially sighted children Nightingale Lane (L.B. of Wandsworth)
Nansen School Nightingale Road (L.B. of Hackney)
Narrow Street (L.B. of Tower Hamlets) Nightingale Tea Gardens, Hornsey
Nathan, L.&N. Ltd Theatrical Costumiers shop (L.B. City of Westminster) Nile, River (Egypt)
National Employers House (City of London EC3) Nine Elms Baths (L.B. of Wandsworth)
National Film Theatre (L.B. of Lambeth SE1) Nine Elms Goods Depot Offices (L.B. of Wandsworth)
National Gallery (L.B. City of Westminster WC2) Nine Elms Lane (L.B. of Wandsworth)
National Gallery of Practical Science (Westminster WC2) Nine Elms Station (L.B. of Wandsworth)
National Hospital for Nervous Diseases (L.B. of Barnet) Noak Hill School (L.B. of Havering)
National Liberal Club, Westminster Noble Street (City of London EC2)
National Provincial Bank (Bodmin) Nonsuch House (L.B. of Southwark SE1)
National Provincial Bank (City of London EC2) Nonsuch Palace (L.B. of Epsom & Ewell KT17)
National Provincial Bank (L.B. of Tower Hamlets) Nonsuch Park (Surrey)
National School Norbiton House, Kingston upon Thames
National Schools, St Pancras Norbiton Station (L.B. of Kingston upon Thames)
National Westminster Bank (Bletchley) Norbury Fire Station (L.B. of Croydon)
National Westminster Bank (L.B. of Hammersmith) Norbury Manor High School for Boys (L.B. of Croydon)
National Westminster Tower Norfolk
National Wharf (L.B. Southwark) Norfolk College Almshouses Chapel (L.B. of Greenwich SE10)
Natural History Museum (L.B. of Kens & Chels SW7) Norfolk College Almshouses, Greenwich
Navy Pay Office (City of London EC2) Norfolk County Library (Thetford)
Naylor's wharf (L.B. Southwark) Norfolk Farm Dairy (L.B. of Tower Hamlets E1)
Neal Street (L.B. City of Westminster) Norfolk Street (L.B. City of Westminster)
Neale's Foundation School (L.B. of Islington EC1) Norley Vale (L.B. of Wandsworth)
Neasden Lane (L.B. of Brent NW10) Normand Park Primary School (L.B. of Hammersmith and Fulham)
Neckinger Road Infants School (L.B. of Southwark) Normandy (France)
Nelson Dry Dock, Rotherhithe Normansfield Hospital (L.B. of Kingston-Upon-Thames)
Nelson Inn (City of London EC4) North Circular Road
Nelson Pier North Circular Road (L.B. of Brent)
Nelson Road (L.B. of Greenwich) North Cray Church of England Primary School
Nelson Street (L.B. of Southwark) North Cross Route
Nelson Street School (L.B. of Southwark) North East London Polytechnic (L.B. of Waltham Forest)
Nelson's Column (L.B. City of Westminster WC2) North Eastern Hospital (L.B. of Tower Hamlets)
Nelson's Wharf (L.B. of Southwark) North End Road (L.B. of Hammersmith and Fulham W14, SW6)
Neptune Street (L.B. of Southwark) North End Road (L.B. of Hammersmith and Fulham)
Nervi Water Tower (Rome) North End Road (L.B. of Kensington and Chelsea)
Nether Hall, Roydon (Essex) North End Way (L.B. of Camden NW3)
Nether Street (L.B. of Barnet) North Foreland Lighthouse, Kent
Netherlands North Hackney Adult Education Institute (L.B. of Hackney)
Netley Primary School (L.B. of Camden) North Hackney Primary School (L.B. of Hackney)
New Arts Theatre Club (L.B. City of Westminster) North Hammersmith School (L.B. of Hammersmith and Fulham)
New Barns Farm, Much Hadham (Hertfordshire) North Kensington Ambulance Station (L.B. of Kensington and Chelsea)
New Basinghall (City of London EC2) North Kensington Fire Station (L.B. of Kensington and Chelsea)
New Beckenham Station (L.B. of Bromley) North Kensington Secondary School (L.B. of kensington and Chelsea)
New Bond Street (L.B. City of Westminster W1) North London College of Further Education (L.B. of Lambeth)
New Bridge (Oxfordshire) North London Science Centre (L.B. of Islington)
New Bridge Street (City of London EC4) North Marsh Ward, Lambeth
New Burlington Street (L.B. City of Westminster W1) North Mimms House, Hertfordshire
New Change (City of London EC4) North Paddington School (L.B. City of Westminster)
New College (L.B. of Camden) North Paddington Upper School (L.B. City of Westminster)
New Concordia Wharf (L.B. of Southwark) North Road (L.B. of Camden)
New Corn and Seed Exchange (City of London EC3) North Road (L.B. of Hackney)
New Court, Middle Temple (City of London EC4) North Road First School (L.B. of Ealing)
New Crane Stairs, Stepney (L.B. of Tower Hamlets) North Street (City of London EC2)
New Crane Wharf (L.B. of Tower Hamlets) North Street (L.B. of Sutton)
New Cross Depot (L.B. of Lewisham) North Tenter Street (L.B. of Tower Hamlets E1)
New Cross Fire Station (L.B. of Lewisham) North Western Ambulance Station
New Cross Gate Tram Shelter (L.B. of Lewisham) North Western Hospital (L.B. of Camden)
New Cross Road (L.B. Lewisham of SE14, SE15) North Wood (L.B. of Bromley SE20)
New Cross Station (L.B. of Lewisham) North Woolwich Fire Station (L.B. of Greenwich)
New Cross Station, Deptford North Woolwich Pumping Station (L.B. of Greenwich)
New End Hospital (L.B. of Camden) North Woolwich Road (L.B. of Newham E16)
New Fresh Wharf (City of London EC4) North Woolwich Station (L.B. of Greenwich)
New Fresh Wharf (City of London EC4) North Yorkshire
New Government Mews, Westminster Northampton College of Advanced Technology (L.B. of Islington)
New Hall, Chelmsford (Essex) Northampton Hall (L.B. of Islington EC1)
New Inn (City of London EC4) Northampton Institute (L.B. of Islington)
New Inn, Wych Street Northampton Polytechnic (L.B. of Islington)
New Jolly Caulkers Public House (L.B. of Southwark) Northamptonshire
New Kent Road (L.B. of Southwark SE1) Northcote Lodge Girls School (L.B. of Wandsworth)
New King's Road (L.B. of Hammersmith and Fulham SW6) Northcote Road (L.B. of Wandsworth)
New Lodge, South Mimms (Hertfordshire) Northcote Road Fire Station (L.B. of Wandsworth)
New London Waterworks, Vauxhall Northern Hospital (L.B. of Islington)
New Malden Ambulance Station (L.B. of Kingston-Upon-Thames) Northern Outfall Sewer (L.B. of Newham)
New Malden Fire Station (L.B. of Kingston upon Thames) Northern Permanent Way Depot
New North Road (L.B. of Islington N1) Northern Polytechnic (L.B. of Islington)
New Oxford Street (L.B. of Camden WC1) Northern Road (L.B. of Lewisham)
New Park Road (L.B. of Lambeth SW2) Northern Territory (Australia)
New Park Road (L.B. of Wandsworth) Northey Street (L.B. of Tower Hamlets)
New Park Road School (L.B. of Wandsworth) Northfield Avenue (L.B. of Ealing)
New River Northfield Underground Station (L.B. of Ealing)
New River Head Metropolitan Water Board (L.B. of Islington) Northolt Primary School (L.B. City of Ealing)
New River Head, Finsbury Northumberland Alley (City of London EC3)
New River School (L.B. of Islington) Northumberland Arms Inn, Kentish Town
New Road (L.B. City of Westminster) Northumberland Avenue (L.B. City of Westminster)
New Road (L.B. of Tower Hamlets E1) Northumberland Head Inn, Stepney
New Row (L.B. City of Westminster) Northumberland House, Charing Cross
New Square (L.B. of Camden WC2) Northumberland Street (L.B. City of Westminster)
New Street (City of London EC2) Northumberland Wharf, Poplar (L.B. Tower Hamlets)
New Street (L.B. City of Westminster) Northwold Road (L.B. of Hackney)
New Street (L.B. of Southwark) Northwold School (L.B. of Hackney)
New Street Hill (City of London EC4) Norton Folgate (L.B. of Hackney E1)
New Street Square (City of London EC4) Norwich Cathedral (Norfolk)
New Theatre (L.B. of Bromley) Norwood Car Shed (L.B. of Lambeth)
New Union Street (City of London EC2) Norwood Centre (L.B. of Lambeth)
New Woodlands School (L.B. of Lewisham) Norwood Cottage Hospital (L.B. of Lambeth)
New Years Green Lane (L.B. of Hillingdon) Norwood Dental Clinic (L.B. of Lambeth)
New Zealand Norwood Grove, Norwood
Newbury Street (City of London EC1) Norwood High Street (L.B. of Lambeth SE27)
Newcastle House (L.B. of Camden WC2) Norwood Infants School (L.B. of Lambeth)
Newcomen Charity School (L.B. of Southwark SE1) Norwood National School (L.B. of Lambeth)
Newcomen Street (L.B. of Southwark SE1) Norwood Park Primary School (L.B. of Lambeth)
Newgate (City of London EC1) Norwood Road (L.B. of Lambeth)
Newgate Market Norwood Secondary School: (L.B. of Lambeth)
Newgate Prison (City of London EC1) Norwood Sub-Station (L.B. of Lambeth)
Newgate Street (City of London EC1) Norwood Technical College (L.B. of Lambeth)
Newham Pumping Station (L.B. of Newham) Norwood Ward
Newham Refuse Transfer Plant (L.B. of Newham) Notre Dame Convent School (L.B. of Greenwich)
Newham's Place (City of London) Notting Hill and Ealing High School (L.B. of Ealing)
Newham, London Borough of Notting Hill Gate Station (L.B. of Kensington and Chelsea)
Newington Butts (L.B. of Southwark SE1) Notting Hill Gate Underground Station (L.B. of Kensington and Chelsea)
Newington Causeway (L.B. of Southwark SE1) Nottinghamshire
Newington Green (L.B. of Hackney N16) Nottinghill Fire Station (L.B. of Kensington and Chelsea)
Newington Green School (L.B. of Islington) Nottting Hill House
Nicholas Gibson Primary School (L.B. of Tower Hamlets) Nunhead Lane (L.B. of Southwark SE15)
Nicholas Lane (City of London EC4) Nunhead Station (L.B. of Southwark)
Nicholl Square (City of London EC2)