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The alphabetical list shows all names, beginning with the selected letter, who have undertaken the roles whose boxes have been checked. Changing the role(s) that are checked will refresh the list. Clicking on a name in the list will return all works of art where that name performed one or more of the selected roles.

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N.E. (fl.1850) Nicholls, J.
N.R.B. Nicholls, J. & Son
N.T. Nicholls, Joseph (fl.1730's), attributed to
Nardino (20th C) Nicholls, Sutton (fl.1680-1740)
Narraway, William Edward (1915-c.1980) Nicholls, William (fl.1808)
Nash, Frederick (1782-1856) Nichols, F.S. & Co.
Nash, John (1752-1835) Nichols, J.
Nash, Joseph (1808-1878) Nichols, J. & Co.
Nasmyth, Patrick (1787-1831) Nichols, Joseph (1738-1753)
Nattes, John Claude (c.1765-1822) Nichols, Son & Bentley
Nattes, John Claude (c.1765-1822) ? Nicholson's Litho-typo Steam Printing Works
Nayler, Sir George Nicholson, F.
Neagle, James (1760?-1822) Nicholson, J. (fl.1707)
Neal, H.O. Nicholson, Leslie
Neale, John Preston (1780-1847) Nicholson, Sir William (1872-1949)
Neave, H.J. (d1971) Nicholson?
Nebot, Balthasar (fl.1730-1762) Nightingale, R.
Needham, Jonathan (fl.1850-1874) Nimmo, R.H.
Neele, James Nissen, I.
Neele, Josiah Niven, W.
Neele, S.J. Niven, William
Neer, Aert van der (1603/04-1677) Nixon, Francis Russell
Neer, Aert van der (1603/04-1677), follower of Nixon, James Henry
Neiland, Brendan (b.1941) Nixon, John (1750-1818)
Nelson, Edmund Hugh (b.1910) Nixon, John Henry (1802-1857)
Nelson, Thomas & Sons Nixon, John?
Nemon, Oscar (1906-1985) Nixon, Robert (fl.c.1785)
Netherclift, J. Nixon, Samuel (1803-54)
Neville, Lady Charlotte Noakes, Michael (b.1933)
New Universal Magazine Noble (fl.c.1830)
New, William Noble, George (fl.1795-1806)
Newcombe Noble, T. C.
Newcourt, Richard (d1679) Noble, W.F.
Newhouse, C.B. Noman, John and Son
Newman and Company Norden, John
Newman, J. Norie, Orlando (1832-1901), attributed to
Newman, J. (fl.1840) Norman, G.P.
Newman, John (1786-1859) Norman, Phillip (c.1842-1931)
Newman, Karen (20th Century) Norris, G.M.
Newman, R. Norris, James (fl.1683)
Newsham & Wragg Northcote, James (1736-1841)
Newton, Ernest Norton, John
Newton, J. Noyce, E.
Newton, James (1748-c.1804) Nugent, T.
Newton, R. Nunn & Ubsdell
Newton, Sir John Nunn, J.
Nibbs, Richard Henry (1816-1893) Nunn, Phyllis (20th Century)
Nichollls, Sutton Nuttall, Fisher & Dixon
Nicholls, Bertram (1883-1974) Nutting, James