Application to reproduce pictures

Reproduction applications are not an automated process. Your application will be looked at by a member of our team an if permission can be granted any reproduction fee that may be due will be determined and notified to you. A guide to current reproduction charges appears below. Staff will be pleased to discuss your application with you.

Acknowlegement must always be made to either: 'London Metropolitan Archives, City of London' or 'Guildhall Art Gallery, City of London' as appropriate.

NB. Any permission granted applies to that occasion only.

If you wish to reproduce the item(s) again, you must make a new application.

The purchase of a photographic or digital copy does not in itself carry with it the right to make a reproduction in any form. Copyright (as defined by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988) in all copy material is reserved by City of London Libraries and Guildhall Art Gallery.

Reproduction fees

London Metropolitan Archives & Guildhall Art Gallery authorise the photography and supply of photographs/digital files etc. of materials from their collections strictly on the understanding that the copyright in the copies provided belongs to City of London London Metropolitan Archives & Guildhall Art Gallery. In return for granting permission to reproduce these images from the collections, the following fees are charged. The fees shown below are for one-time use only and are inclusive of VAT.

Please note: For all non-EU applicants VAT will be deducted before invoicing.

Black & White Colour
1 Books*/ journals*/ part works* £47.47 £94.93
2a Scholarly and/or non profit-making publications £15.18 £29.84
2b Educational (schools and colleges) £29.84 £59.71
3 Book jackets* and CD/video covers* £121.36 £234.90
4 Postcards, greetings cards, small reproductions (up to A3), calendars per plate £121.36

+100 copies


+100 copies

5 Gifts, souvenirs etc. from £176.18 from £176.18
6 Posters and wall charts (A3 upwards) from £176.18 from £176.18
7 Advertising materials £298.50 £352.34
8 Invitations and Menus* £44.47 £72.43
9 i) Display: permanent installations £121.36 £121.36
ii) Display: temporary installations £59.21 £59.21
10 Commercial films, videos* £59.71 £94.93
11 In-house films and videos £29.85 £47.47
12a TV stills - flash fee £60.68 £94.93
12b TV stills - 4 year licence £107.65 £166.38
12c TV stills - 10 year licence £176.18 £234.90
12d Educational TV stills - unlimited repeats £29.84 £59.71
13 Personal or educational web pages or CD Roms - 4 year licence £15.18 £15.18
14 CD Roms, Photo CD, web pages - 4 year licence £59.21 £59.21

Complimentary copies will be required in the categories marked: *

Multi-language use add 33%

Discount will be given in cases where more than ten items are used in the same project.