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1. Terms and Conditions of Use and Statement of Privacy Policy

2. Conditions of Sale

3. Collage Special Conditions

By using this Website the User agrees to be bound by the "Terms and Conditions of Use" and if the User purchases any goods from the Website agrees to be bound by the "Conditions of Sale" attached hereto.

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Standard Terms and Conditions of Use

THE MAYOR AND COMMONALTY AND CITIZENS OF THE CITY OF LONDON ("the City") of Guildhall London EC2P 2EJ for its Guildhall Library and Art Gallery: COLLAGE

Terms and Conditions of Use

1. In accessing information from this Website the User agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use as set out below

2. This Website contains proprietary notices and copyright information the terms of which the User agrees to observe and follow

3. The User assumes full responsibility for the protection of his computer system including computer hardware software and stored data on his computer system included hardware software and stored data of third parties who may access or be otherwise connected to the User's computer system. The User will assume the responsibility of ensuring that programmes or other data downloaded or otherwise received from this Website are free from viruses worms Trojan horses or other items of a destructive nature

4. The City will take reasonable steps to ensure that data transmitted electronically to the City via the site or otherwise and stored by the City is not accessed by unauthorised third parties. The User accepts the risk that data transmitted electronically to the City via this Website or otherwise may be intercepted before reaching the City or accessed from the City data storage by third parties not authorised by the City and may be exploited unlawfully by such unauthorised third parties.

5. The City makes no representations as to the security, quality or property of any Website which may be accessed through this Website and accepts no liability for the content or for any loss or damage caused or alleged to have been caused by the use of or reliance on information contained in such Websites or goods or services purchased therefrom. Connected Websites accessed through the Site are independent Websites over which the City does not exercise any control whether financial, editorial or of any other kind and are not in any way endorsed by the City.

6. Information contained in this Website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical mistakes. Information may be changed or updated without notice and any queries relating to the information including queries as to its recency and accuracy should be addressed to collage@cityoflondon.gov.uk.

7. All information made available from within this Website is provided "as is" for information purposes only and without warranty of any kind either express or implied including but not limited to any warranties as to non-infringement of rights merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

8.1 The City accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any data corruption interception or delay or any inaccuracies or errors that may occur and any liability in respect thereof is excluded to the full extent permitted by Law.

8.2 In no circumstances will the City be liable to the Purchaser for any direct indirect consequential special or other damage howsoever resulting from the use of this Website or any other Website connected to the Website by means of a hypertext link or otherwise. This shall be the case whether such damage is caused by transmission from this Website (or a connected Website) to the User's computer system of viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other destructive items, corrupted data or data incompatible with the User's computer system or of third parties' interception of or access to data of whatever nature. "Data" includes (without limitation) personal data and credit and payment card information transmitted by the User electronically to the City or otherwise. Such damage shall include (without limitation) lost profits interruption to business loss of the whole or any part of a program or programs or any data howsoever stored whether saved on a computer system or otherwise.

Statement of Privacy Policy

9.1 The City will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the User's privacy is protected. When the User registers with the City and/or places an order the City will require to know the name delivery address credit or debit card number and expiry date email address and telephone number. This information allows the City to fulfil the User's order and notify the User of the status of the order.

9.2 The City may ask the User to answer various general questions about themselves including any areas in which the User is interested so that information can be tailored to cover the areas which the City believe the User might be interested in for future reference

9.3 The City may also use the User's information for the purpose of providing the User with information about any special features of the City's Website which are believed may be of interest to the User and for related marketing purposes. If the User would rather not receive this material please email collage@cityoflondon.gov.uk. By submitting User information the User also consent to this use.

9.4 If at any time the User wishes to receive information about any other areas which they currently do not receive or wishes to stop receiving any information please email collage@cityoflondon.gov.uk.

9.5 The personal data collected by the City will be evaluated periodically to determine whether it should continue to hold such data. The User will be notified from time to time through mailings of the continued use of personal data and be given the opportunity to notify the City if the User does not wish data to be continually held

9.6 The City does not intend to export User data outside the European Union and will only be storing the information supplied together with details of the activities the User has undertaken with the City and mailings that have been sent

9.7 Whilst the City does not sell, trade or rent the User's personal data to others at present, it may chose to do so in the future with trustworthy and specific third parties. The City will always e-mail the User prior to doing such a thing in order to gain the User's specific permission to transmit the City data in such a way

9.8 The City may provide aggregate statistics about customers, sales, traffic patterns and related site information to reputable third party vendors but these will not include any personally identifying information

9.9 In the event that the City privacy policy changes, the City will post such changes on this page in order that Users are always aware of the information the City collects and how it will be used and under what circumstances it might be disclosed or released

10. The City may monitor User traffic on an aggregate basis in order to help it develop and improve the Website for the benefit of all Users.

11. The Internet is not a secure medium. The City will use reasonable endeavours to keep User information confidential and store it on a secure server which is password protected and hidden behind a firewall from the outside world. Internal procedures cover the storage access and disclosure of User information. The City will not sell or pass User information on to any third parties without first obtaining the User's consent

12. Because the Internet infrastructure is global and it is not possible to predict the routes that information sent over the Internet will take, the information the User provides may be transferred temporarily via a route which takes it outside the European Economic Area as it passes between the User and the City. By submitting your information you consent to this transfer

13.1 The Copyright in this Website belongs in all respects to the City all other intellectual property rights are reserved

13.2 The Website is for personal and non-commercial use only. Users may not modify copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, licence or create derivative works or sell any information detained from the Website.

14. It is acknowledged by the User that it is not technically possible for the City to provide a completely fault free service and the City gives no guarantees or warranties express or implied as to the quality or reliability of access to this site

15. The City reserves the right to suspend or cancel this site or otherwise refuse access to it immediately and without notice for any reason including but not limited to maintenance repair or updating at any time at its absolute discretion

16. The City accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with the User's use of this Website whether in contract tort, negligence or breach of Statutory Duty or otherwise

16.1 Nothing in these terms shall exclude the City's liability for death or personal injury arising from the negligence of the City its employees agents or contractors resulting from the use of this Website

17. The City publishes the images and information on this Website in good faith but accepts no liability for the accuracy or decency thereof. The City will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that all intellectual property rights are respected and that the information and images are accurate and neither defamatory or offensive

18. The failure by the City to enforce any term or condition hereof or of the Conditions of Sale shall not be deemed as a waiver of the right to enforce such term or condition in the software

19. This Website is situated in London England and all the terms and conditions of use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts

Conditions of Sale

These Conditions of Sale shall apply to any order for goods from the City of London by the Purchaser made from this Website.

The City will provide the goods upon the following Conditions of Sale:

1. The City invites you the User to view the goods as displayed on the COLLAGE Website.

2. If you wish to make a purchase you should complete the relevant details on the screen and offer the stated price together with your credit card details.

3.1 The City may at its option either accept or reject your offer to pay for and purchase the goods.

3.2 If the City accepts your offer, it will use all reasonable endeavours to prepare and despatch the goods within five working days

3.2.1 Delivery will be made by an external carrier and the City cannot be held responsible for any delay caused by or resulting from the actions of the external carrier.

3.2.2 The City does not warrant that it can procure the delivery of the goods within the stated time.

3.3 If the City rejects your offer to purchase you will be notified and/or advised of an alternative method of purchase.

4.1 All orders are subject to availability and the City at its sole discretion reserves the right to refuse any offer to purchase by any company or individual for whatever reason.

4.2 The City shall not be required to disclose or explain any acceptance or rejection of offers

5. If the City accepts your offer it shall take payment in accordance with the prices set out on the Pricing Schedule via your credit card from the details provided through an encrypted Secure Server operated by an independent company approved by a number of the High Street Banks.

6. The City uses will use all reasonable endeavours to protect your credit card information. However, any losses incurred or sustained by you when you transmit information by means of e-mail or other Internet link shall be borne solely and exclusively by you and in no event shall any such losses in whole or in part be accepted by the City. If you are using a public computer, you should sign out when you have finished the transaction.

7. If you discover that goods have been ordered using your credit card by someone not authorised to do so you should: (i) inform your credit card company, the Police and the City of the unauthorised purchase as soon as you discover it; and (ii) co-operate with your credit card company, the Police and the City in relation to the unauthorised use.

8. The City cannot be held liable for any goods lost or damaged in transit by the City's external carrier.

9. Neither you nor the City shall be liable to the other in respect of loss damage or delay if the cause of such loss etc. shall arise from any act of government or other competent authority or any public utility of external postal or courier services or Internet Service Provider, flood, storm, tempest or other freak of nature riot civil or commotion action of hostile foreign state (whether or not a formal declaration of war has been made, given or received) fire explosion malicious damage act of God or other force majeure occurrence which could not have been avoided or mitigated by the application of due diligence or foresight.

10.1 All Website design, text, graphics software source codes and design rights and the selection of images etc on the Website or the arrangement thereof are the copyright of the City. Permission is granted to electronically copy and print our hard copy portions of this site for the sole purpose of placing an order with the City. Any other use of materials on this site (including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above and modification, distribution or re-publication) is strictly prohibited.

10.2 Copyright and first publication rights in all images displayed shall vest in the City or the acknowledged copyright owner.

10.3 Reproduction of any image is strictly prohibited unless authorised in writing by the City (Guildhall Art Gallery or Guildhall Library Print Room).

11. This Agreement is made in London England and shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

12.1 We deliver prints of the highest quality, all of which are double-checked at our office before despatch. However, if something appears to be wrong with your prints when you receive them, let us know immediately and we will endeavour to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

12.2 To the fullest extent permitted by law the City provides this Website and its content as seen and makes no express representation or warranty of any kind with respect to the Website or its content.

12.3 The price and availability of goods and products supplied via the Website is subject to change without notice.

In using this Website the User agrees to be bound by the "Terms and Conditions of Use" and if purchasing any goods agrees to be bound by the "Conditions of Sale" and "Collage Special Conditions" attached hereto

If you are uncertain as to your rights or require any explanation about them please e-mail collage@cityoflondon.gov.uk or telephone 0207 332 3097.

Collage Special Conditions

1. These conditions are specific additional conditions which apply to goods and services ordered from the Collage Website. Where any conflict exists between the General Conditions of Sale and the Special Conditions, then the Special Conditions will apply provided they do not conflict with any terms and conditions in the General Conditions which are required by law.

2. Delivery

If the City accepts your offer, it will use all reasonable endeavours to prepare and despatch the goods within five working days.

3. Price

The price will be inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and delivery charges. If you are not legally required to pay VAT you will be charged the net price. The delivery charges will be as set out on the 'Confirm Details' Page.

4. No Cancellation Right

(a) Please note that as prints are individually printed to your specification you will not be able to cancel your order once it has been submitted. However, this does not limit in any way your statutory rights in the case of faulty or damaged prints – see special condition 5.

(b) Similarly due to the nature of digital files you will not be able to cancel your order once it has been submitted.

Click here for more info on rights of cancellation of the City of London 's General Terms and Conditions

5. Faulty or Damaged Prints

We deliver prints of the highest quality, all of which are double-checked at our office before despatch. However, if something appears to be wrong with your prints when you receive them, let us know as soon as reasonably possible and we will endeavour to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Click here for more information about faulty or damaged prints.

6. Copyright

Important - please note

6.1 All content (images and text) on this Web Site is copyright City of London and may not be copied or reproduced for any purpose without permission. An application to reproduce any image may be made using the 'Application to reproduce pictures' form on the Collage Website.

6.2 For the avoidance of doubt any Licence to Reproduce Pictures will reserve the City's right to require a credit of London Metropolitan Archives, City of London or Guildhall Art Gallery, City of London as appropriate and to object to any derogatory treatment of the picture. Derogatory treatment means any addition to, deletion from, or any alteration including, alterations to shape, colour, format, balance or distribution, or any other treatment which in the City's opinion would amount to a mutilation or distortion of the work.

6.3 In the unlikely event that the City discovers copyright still exists in the work of art which is the subject of an image on the COLLAGE website, the City reserves the right to cancel any order for copies relating to such image and to refund all sums paid in respect of it.

7. Contact Details

Contact details - if you have any queries relating specifically to the Collage Website please contact: collage@cityoflondon.gov.uk

If you have any queries relating to the main City of London website please email: web@cityoflondon.gov.uk.