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Shop in Battersea High Street
Shop in Battersea High Street
Shop in Battersea High Street
O. Field Ltd off licence at 27 Battersea High Street with display of bottles in window, including advertisement for Babycham and with prominent wall-mounted advertisements for Whitbread and Watney's Brown Ale on the front of the building. To the left of the premises is a set of advertisement hoardings, disguising a derelict site, including advertisements for Sovereign and Rothman's cigarettes, Golden Wonder peanuts, an army recruitment advertisement and a road safety poster. There are two parked cars in front of the premises (on the left, a Morris Minor 1000 split screen and on the right a Sunbeam Alpine with soft-top roof) and a bicycle leaning against the wall. The premises of C.G. Cartwright, a photography developing business at No.29, is partially visible on the right hand side of the photograph.
London Metropolitan Archives
LCC Photograph Library