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The Grange Tannery in The Grange
The Grange Tannery in The Grange
The Grange Tannery in The Grange
View of the Grange Tannery, Bermondsey. The Grange Tannery site, located between Grange Walk (formerly Horney Lane) and Spa Road, comprised two and a half acres. It was originally run by Samuel Barrow & Brothers, but later came under the management of Barrow, Hepburn & Gale, one of the largest firms in the area, which became known for the despatch boxes used by the UK Government. The tanneries in the Grange were destroyed during the Blitz, after which they were replaced by residential and office blocks.
London Metropolitan Archives
LCC Photograph Library
Bermondsey, Metropolitan Borough of; Southwark, London Borough of