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Entrance to Austin Friars in Old Broad Street
Entrance to Austin Friars in Old Broad Street
Entrance to Austin Friars in Old Broad Street
A view of number 123 Old Broad Street, City of London containing the archway entrance to Austin Friars by the turning to Throgmorton Street. The archway is set within the Grade II listed building which dates from the mid nineteenth-century with elements of nineteenth-century High Victorian Gothic. The archway consists of a shouldered segmental arch on corbels with rectangular columns surmounted by capitals containing carved foliage on either side. The name 'Austin Friars' has been carved into the stone work above the arch on carved scrolls. A carved shield sits within a central oval shape in the centre of the carved scrolls. Through the archway can be seen the classical architectural features of the late nineteenth early twentieth-century built number 6 Austin Friars. To the left of the archway is the entrance to 123 Old Broad Street consisting of a set of framed double doors with a fanlight above the doors which are set into an arched frame. Above the archway to Austin Friars are windows containing small square panes. The windows are bordered by gothic columns surmounted by capitals filled with carved foliage. What appears to be an electric street light containing the City of London shield sits on the edge of the first floor of the building to the right of the picture. The building survives and became a pub known as the Phoenix. A height restriction road sign now covers the carved shield above the archway. Number 6 Austin Friars is now known as Austin Friars House.
London Metropolitan Archives
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