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London Metropolitan Railway construction
London Metropolitan Railway construction
London Metropolitan Railway construction
At Paddington Station General view of works including bridge looking in the opposite direction to the previous two images. Includes horse and cart and seated figure in the background and a wheelbarrow to the right.
London Metropolitan Archives
The Metropolitan Railway
Flather, (Thomas) Henry (b. 1839)
The London Metropolitan Railway opened in January 1863 and was the world's first public passenger underground railway. The first line took three years to construct and ran nearly four miles from Bishop's Street, Paddington to Farringdon Street. Most of the line was not covered over although it is below ground level. It was an immediate success, carrying over 27,000 people daily during the first year. The album contains forty four images. Twenty eight are original photographs (most probably taken by Henry Flather, 1839-1901) plus sixteen photographs of plans of station buildings etc. to illustrate London Metropolitan Railway works in progress, May-July 1862.
24 cm