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View of New Bridge Street
View of New Bridge Street
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View of New Bridge Street
A view of New Bridge Street, City of London, looking towards Ludgate Circus as seen from a rooftop opposite Unilever House. On the far left of the picture can be seen one of the sculptured horses by Sir William Reid Dick on the side of Unilever House. Beside Unilever House can be seen F. W. Troup's Blackfriars House of 1913-16. To the right of the image can be seen the partially bomb damaged 179 Queen Victoria Street with its ornate railings still standing. Near the centre of the image is the Victorian office building which once contained the Hand in Hand Insurance Company at 26 New Bridge Street. The sign including that of the Commercial Union Assurance Company can be seen on the side of the building. Just behind the bomb damaged building can be seen part of the front of The Black Friar public house. Above Blackfriars House can be seen the spire of St Bride Fleet Street and above the bomb damaged building can be seen the tower of the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey). The streets are quiet for traffic, with the largest group of vehicles being two taxi cabs (Hackney Carriages) and two other black cars leaving Queen Victoria Street. On the right hand side can be seen black and white traffic lights with a uniformed policeman in a black helmet standing nearby at the top of the steps leading to the subway. The steps to the subway leading to Blackfriars underground station with the underground sign attached to the subway railings can be seen by Unilever House. Unilever House, Blackfriars House, The Black Friar public house and some other buildings still survive. Blackfriars Station was rebuilt and re-modelled c2012, and the site of the former Hand in Hand Insurance Company Building now contains a small public space containing benches and a garden area.
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