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London Street Views 1838-40
London Street Views 1838-40
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London Street Views 1838-40
Plan of Aldersgate Street with elevation of shops and houses. Incorporates view of Harts Temperence Hotel (no 154) and small plan of the surrounding area. Other businesses listed for Aldersgate Street include: Masters, printer and bookseller (no 33); I Sewell, a painter, plumber, glazier and decorator (no 57); Smith & Fenn, whalebone manufactory (no 69); Edward Godson, ironmonger (no 73); I Woolmers, cotton warehouse (also no 73); Steinhardt, wood and brass manufactory (no 115); Wood and Sarwoods Austin Letter Foundry (no 120); Kaye, a wholesale clothier (no 129); a coach and horses stables (nos 131-132); Thomas Gravell, carver and gilder (no 134); P & I Arnold, chemists (no 135); Woollett, an upholsterer, undertaker and appraiser (no 143); Mitchell, a carpenter (no 145).
London Metropolitan Archives
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Tallis, John
Tallis, John
Tallis, John
"London Street Views" part 55. See also Record No. 202 for second copy.