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Tower Bridge construction
Tower Bridge construction
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Tower Bridge construction
View from above the Tower Embankment. The walkways are complete and the bridge now straddles the river. The North Tower masonry and shore span suspension chain on the left are both more advanced than on the south side.
1892 June 27
London Metropolitan Archives
Tower Bridge Construction
Wright, William Edward & Sons
This is part of a collection of fifty photographs taken c. 1891 to 1894 during the construction of Tower Bridge. They are part of Tower Bridge deposited records held at LMA. All fifty photographs form a COLLAGE collection: 'Tower Bridge Construction Photographs' (Record numbers 323335 to 323384). Reproduced opposite page 38 of the book 'Tower Bridge: the enduring monument', Corporation of London, 1994. 27.51/(TOW). Another version of the image is at Record number 323343.
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