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Cycle race at Lillie Bridge Grounds
Cycle race at Lillie Bridge Grounds
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Cycle race at Lillie Bridge Grounds
Cyclists racing, watched by spectators. The Lillie Bridge Grounds was a sports ground on the Fulham side of West Brompton and opened in 1866, where Seagrave Road is today. It hosted many sports including athletics, boxing, cricket, cycling and football (including the F.A. Cup Final in 1873). It was the home of the Amateur Athletic Club whose key figure was John Graham Chambers. He was also responsible for codifying boxing's 'Queensbury Rules'. The ground held the first ever amateur boxing matches in 1867, cups being supplied by the Marquess of Queensberry.
London Metropolitan Archives
Metropolitan Prints Collection
Roberts, Charles (active 1870-98)
wood engraving
Fulham D 14590